Ethereum Rinkeby Faucet

Giving away 0.01 test ether at a time

Enter your rinkeby wallet address below

What is this?

Rinkeby is an Ethereum TEST network. If you want to start sending eth with smart contracts, use the above form to get some eth on the Rinkeby test network. Here are the steps:

1. Get yourself an Eth wallet if you don't already have one

2. Paste your wallet's public address in the form above. This should be a 40 char string that starts with 0x

3. Complete the CAPTCHA

4. Hit the red button, and wait for eth to show up in your wallet

5. Note, this is a TEST framework and has no implications or effects on the main Ethereum network

You can also find the official Rinkeby test network faucet here, but it does require a social network account. This faucet doesn't ;-)